USA Energy, Inc. is in the process of forming a Limited Partnerhip. The Partnerhip will be formed for the general purpose of acquiring and owning Royalty Interest in existing as well as potential income producing oil and gas wells located in the United States. Generally, the Royalty Interests will be producing oil and gas wells properties that we believe will continue producing oil/gas revenues for at least 25 years.


Advantages of Owning Royalty Ownerhip Interests:

12 Checks per year
No expenses
No debt
No leverage
No Capital Calls
Royalty Interest is paid off the top before expenses


Experience Royalty Management:

         The property management company will be WinBeau Oil & Gas Co., Inc., a Louisiana Corporation formed in 1999.  WinBeau has drilled, operated and funded drilling programs and is a licensed oil/gas operator in the State of Louisiana. Among duties to be handled by WinBeau on a contractual basis:

Transparent Revenue
Monthly Revenue Report
Collect and distribute all oil and gas revenues
Work with others in determining the most desirable Royalty Interests available
Handle all assignments and transfer of any interest



Estimated annual yield of 10-15% (A portion, 15% is Tax Free)
Long Term Income
Portfolio Diversification (Lots of Wells)
Capitalize on genrally rising energy prices




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This material should be read in conjunction with a PPM, if available, in order to fully understand all of the implications and risks of the possible offering of any securities. This profile is neither an offer to sell nor the solicitation of any offer to buy any security if issued. Investments in the fund, if formed, can only be made through a properly prepared PPM.

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